Music can influence attitudes and conjure emotions. The right playlist at your open house can set the mood for an event that pulses with energy, or one that’s more laidback and easygoing. So if you decide to play music at your home’s all-important debut, what kind of playlist should you create for one of our agents?

Everyone’s Tastes Are Different

When it comes to music, people’s tastes vary. You may feel that the mellowness of smooth jazz is ideal for an open house. Another homeowner may think that symphony music is the right genre to set the tone. Still there are others who might opt for soft rock, rhythm and blues, operatic serenades, hip-hop, or pop.

Factors that may influence your choice of music could include the era in which your home was built, and its architectural style and overall character. Some sellers may even consider the demographics of the neighborhood and the surrounding area.

Tips for Creating an Open House Playlist

Do your best to avoid music containing vulgarity, excessive profanity, and content that might generally be deemed as offensive.

Aim for a particular mood and be consistent—don’t jar your visitors with a barrage of songs from totally disparate genres. Also, think about the sequence of your songs and choose an order that flows well.

Don’t be afraid to let your choice of music reflect who you are—people can feel and appreciate authenticity. Allowing your personality and culture to shine through can help create a good vibe for a memorable evening. A memorable open house can help set your home apart from all the others. It just might be the thing that gets your house a second look, and maybe even an offer on the table.

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