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How To Minimize Wear and Tear on a Yard from Dogs

The United States loves dogs - up to 60% or more of people own a dog. With dog ownership comes love, laughter, adventure, and potentially a yard that shows the wear and tear of owning a dog. While few dogs exclusively live outside anymore, most people with yards allow their pooch to enjoy the fun and freedom of being outside [...]

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Home Staging: Gray Is The Right Neutral

When repainting a house, to either improve the aesthetic quality to keep or sell the home, it often becomes difficult to know when to draw the line between trendy and time-honored colors. Too little color can make a house feek stark and uninviting, but too much color can be busy and too stimulating, not to mention all the colors a [...]

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Looking For Homes For Sale In Odessa, TX With Swimming Pools?

Are you seriously considering buying a new home in the Permian Basin and have one important amenity you just can't love without? After a long day at work in the Permian Basin, unwinding near the pool is simply necessary for some people. Have you been renting an apartment in the Permian Basin or living in cramped housing for some time? [...]

Wall Street Journal: Even A Barber Can Make $180,000 In The Permian Basin

The Wall Street Journal just featured the Permian Basin as one of America’s hottest labor markets. This oil boom we are experiencing is like nothing seen before. Shale drilling/crude production has made the Permian Basin, including Odessa and Midland the nation's hottest oilfield, the Journal reported. Workers are flooding in and this has created opportunities for service and other businesses. [...]

Texas Homeowners: New Bill Would Help More Recover Property Value Loss From Utility Towers

This week, the Houston Chronicle reported on two proposed bills in Texas right now that could offer protection to homeowners from property value loss after the installation of nearby electric transmission towers. State Senator Larry Taylor introduced a bill that would force utility companies to notify all nearby homeowners before making upgrades to towers. It would also require the utility [...]

Commemorative Air Force Museum in Midland

The Commemorative Air Force Museum in Midland is operated by the High Sky Wing volunteers. The High Sky Wing volunteers oversee its authentic World War II antique aircraft. The Midland Commemorative Air Force Museum focuses attention on the history of the Midland Army Airfield, a strong source of local pride. Midland Army Airfield The Midland Army Airfield in Texas is [...]

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