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Small Business Saturday In Midland: Huge Success In 2018

Kristen Covington, the owner of Found Furnishings in Midland, Texas, told Your Basin that the 2018 Small Business Saturday a record sales day. She said that it gets better every single year, and the 2018 Small Business Saturday was no exception. Across the street at Higher Grounds [...]

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What Is The Permian Basin?

Are you considering relocating to Midland, Texas and wondering what the Permian Basin is? The Permian Basin is at the heart of Midland's economy. It's one of the most prolific oil and natural gas basins in the entire country. It's part of the United States Mid-Continent Oil [...]

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AST&Science To Bring Space Manufacturing Jobs To Midland, Texas

AST&Science will open an additional space manufacturing facility in Midland. Plus, it will relocate its corporate headquarters to Midland too. AST&Science is a space technology company. Its new facility is located within the Space Port Business Park at the Midland International Air and Space Port. The new plant [...]

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U.S. Energy Companies Pledge Funds For Healthcare, Infrastructure In Permian Basin

The Permian Strategic Partnership is now backed by 17 of the top U.S. energy companies like Chevron, EOG Resources, Exxon Mobil. The energy companies have pledged $100 million in total to ease the stress that the booming population has inevitably put on healthcare, civic infrastructure and education. [...]

Texas Tech Opens West Texas’s Only Child Psychiatric Fellowship Of Its Kind In Midland

Texas Tech just had a ribbon cutting which will usher in West Texas's first child psychiatric fellowship of it's kind in Midland. This is an incredible resource for Midland families. There were so few child psychiatrists in the area, they couldn't possibly serve the needs of a [...]

Texas Job Growth Slows, But Only Because We’re Almost Out Of Workers

The Midland metropolitan statistical area has the lowest unemployment rate in the state. It's holding steady for the third consecutive month at just 2.2 percent. The entire state is working hard, even as job growth slows. So, why has job growth slowed down? It's quite simple, [...]

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