Sure, the post office will forward first-class mail to you after a move (provided you fill out the proper change-of-address paperwork). But why not let friends and family directly in on the excitement of your new home?

Moving announcements provide others with all your pertinent information. Obviously, your new address takes center stage on the card, but why not also use this as an opportunity to update recipients of your current email address and phone number?

Options abound for selecting an announcement card that suits your style. Common headlines include:

  • We’ve moved.
  • Home is where the heart is.
  • New home sweet home.
  • Our new address.

Accompanying graphics oftentimes feature things we associate with moving or a new house, such as cardboard boxes, a front door, a welcome mat, and keys. Many folks like to personalize their change of address cards with a picture of their family or an actual photo of the new house. Another eye-catching idea is a map of the United States with a star where you now live.

Sites such as Shutterfly and the Walmart online photo department present a wealth of choices and guide you through the process. Though it’s fun to play with all the fonts and colors, make readability a top priority. Overly ornate lettering sometimes gets confusing, and you don’t want the recipient to wonder what’s correct. Likewise, a text color that contrasts with the background is easier on the eyes. (Unless the surroundings are dark, black is usually a safe choice.) And by all means, triple-check your work for spelling and accuracy before submitting!

In general, the price per card goes down the more you buy at one time. Save yourself some cash by thinking about what you’ll need and placing a single order. If you’re environmentally conscious (or not keen on paying snail-mail postage), consider electronic moving announcements created through Evite or similar digital platform. Either way, you’ve got great news to convey, so share it!

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