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Update your Home in 2017

Time for updates! We have made it to 2017, your Christmas tree is back in storage, and the only trace of the holidays are the left overs in your refrigerator. When kicking off the New Year don’t let your house set on the back burner of your new years resolutions. There are so many simple and affordable updated that you can do to get your home feeling fresh and up to date.
Here is Midland 1st Choice, The Underwood Group”s Top Picks for a NEW YEAR, NEW HOME Updates.

Install New Backsplash

There are many low cost materials that can be used for this project.
We have seen some many ideals when it comes to backsplash. I few that we have enjoyed seeing were, Chalkboard paint. peg board, Old Maps of Midland Texas, and different tile patterns.
Click here to check out a link on different backsplash ideals.

Update your Cabinets

This is seriously as simple as it sounds.  Don’t worry about all the sanding, painting or rehanging of cabinet doors. Head to your local hardware store, Hobby Lobby or flea market and find new nobs for your cabinets.  You can add updated nobs to your bath room, kitchen, build in’s or any place you have a handle or nob that is just waiting to be pulled


Give your Front Door a Face Lift

This can be done many different ways. The most common way is to add a fresh coat of paint to your front door. Pick a color that will pop and express your family’s personality. Picking a color can be tricky but here is a awesome guide that HGTV posted on how to choose paint color.  If  painting is not your cup of tea, adding a door wreath or a nice potted plant beside your door is a good option as well.

Make your Walls Feel Taller

This is a simple trick  and basically a FREE home improvement.  Its easy all you have to do is relocate your curtain rods about 1 inch from the ceiling. What this does is makes your ceilings seem higher and helps your room feel more open.  Last but not least one of the best ways to do a cheap home update is to,

As you can see these are just a few of the ways to refresh your home in the New Year! Feel free to comment with pictures of your 2017 home improvement!