Oil Production In Permian Has Outgrown Infrastructure

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  Did you know that production of oil in the Permian is actually increasing by 800,000 barrel per day (BPD) each year? Production has averaged 3.3 million BPD lately. The pipeline capacity is 3.6 million BPD and in just a few months, we're expected to exceed that in production. Then what? Until infrastructure is built [...]

$2 Billion Permian Highway Pipeline Planned For Natural Gas

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Houston's Kinder Morgan and Midland-based EagleClaw Midstream authorized a $2 billion Permian Highway Pipeline project. This Permian Highway Pipeline will transport natural gas from West Texas to varied hubs. See, Permian production is stalling, but only because of pipeline shortages to carry natural gas and oil out of the area. The plan is for a [...]