As Your Buyer’s Agent we will:

1. Find A Home That Comes Closest To Your Ideal Home and Best Fits Your Needs.

Everyone who searches for a new home has a picture in their mind of what it should look like and if we’re lucky we will find that exact house. The reality is that most people compromise on their dream and what is available on the market at the time and in their price range. As your agent, we will make every attempt to help you find a home that fits your needs and will make you very happy.

2. Help You Purchase Your Home With The Lowest Possible Down Payment.

It is not only important that you find “the home”, but we want you to do it with the least amount of “pain” as possible. If it is not necessary to put several thousand dollars up at the time of writing the contract then why do it. When you do write an offer most sellers expect good faith money to accompany the contract. We will help you tailor your offer to include the smallest good faith offer prudent to making the offer appeal to the sellers.

3. Help You Find The Lowest Interest Rate.

We are not mortgage lenders but we have as part of our team some of the top mortgage people in the area today. We can not choose a lender for you but we can say with confidence that the lenders that we recommend will make every effort to find a mortgage product that will best suit your personal situation.

4. Help You Get the Lowest Monthly Payment.

Making your monthly payment affordable is very important to us. As your Buyer’s Agent we will advise you as to what you can do to make your monthly payments the lowest that they can be.

5. Help You Purchase Your Home At No Cost To You!

As your Buyer’s Agent we provide our services and our expertise at NO COST TO YOU.
We will accept the compensation that the seller is willing to pay us as a co-operating Broker.