Sometimes we overlook the most obvious things and sometimes the not so obvious. It’s easy to get caught up with the big move there’s a lot going on. There’s also the children. This handy guide gives tips on getting the children involved with the move.

  1. Inform children early.
  2. Keep a positive attitude in their presence.
  3. Allow them to openly talk about the move and to have input in the decisions when appropriate.
  4. Remind children often that, although everything seems to be changing, the family is still very
    secure as a unit.
  5. Involve children in packing their personal belongings.
  6. Help them accumulate mementos of present home and friends.
  7. Consider moving during the school session to avoid summer anxiety related to the first day of school.
  8. Allow children to take favorite toys or possessions with them on the trip.
  9. Have games and snacks for the trip.
  10. Request special education or medical information early in the process.
  11. Get books about new location.
  12. Get books on moving for children.
  13. Get information for teenagers on areas of interest. Begin early by involving them in groups with common interests.
  14. Allow children to help with selections relating to their rooms in the new home.
  15. Take a camera or video on your home buying trip if children do not accompany you.
  16. Allow children to “tape” messages from friends they are leaving behind.
  17. Allow children to make occasional phone calls to friends they left behind.
  18. Locate school bus stops in new neighborhoods to avoid stress on the first day.