As your Realtor we are using all of our professional tools and skills to market your home. There are many things that you can do to your home to complement our efforts. Together we can form the perfect team to sell your house.

Sell to the Senses
Nearly all of us have five physical senses and these senses have a large impact on what we like and don’t like. No matter how rational we think we are, the only way we experience the world around us is through our physical senses… Your job when selling your house is to emphasize the positive image in all five categories.
A house that is only ‘seen’ is harder to recall than one that is experienced with many senses. If a buyer can’t remember your house, he certainly will not buy it. Below are listed some items which will help enhance the appeal of your home.

The Sense Of Sight
* Keep your house as clean and clutter free as possible. This is very important, yet very difficult particularly if you are living in the house.

* Repair and “touch up” minor problems – apply fresh paint, clean windows, fix leaky faucets, etc. Also, now is the best and most profitable time to finish those nagging projects.

* Try to decorate using neutral tones. Using whites with a hint of yellow will warm up a room.

* During the day, open the draperies and the windows to create an open, airy atmosphere. In the evening, turn on all the lights.

* Rearrange the furniture to enlarge rooms and enhance their appearance.

The Sense Of Smell
* Eliminate any unpleasant odors from such sources as pets, tobacco smoke, or mildew.

* Create pleasant odors to stimulate a positive feel. Bake bread or cookies. Boil vanilla or other spices in a pot of water. Use lemon scented furniture polish. Place fresh flowers in the rooms. Cut the grass the morning of an Open House. During the winter, build a fire in the fireplace. Be careful not to over do it, too much of a pleasant smell can be as offending as pet or tobacco odors.

The Sense of Sound
* Soft classical, instrumental, or easy listening music can often create a more relaxed atmosphere. Music is very personal and some buyers may not appreciate your taste in music. If you choose to provide music, it show be only background music. Soft and low.

* Eliminate annoying noises whenever possible. Try to exclude street noise and other exterior sounds. Barking dogs and other noisy pets should be removed from the house during a showing. Televisions, video games, and radios should be off. These can be very distracting and the buyer may not see your house in its best light.

The Sense Of Touch
* Have new or clean well-working locks and knobs on the main doors. This creates an impression of quality.

* Check the hardware on the cabinets and doors within the house, especially in the kitchen, to make sure they are also clean and in working order.

The Sense Of Taste
* Put chocolate near entry. It helps put people in a good state of mind.

* Offer food at Open Houses. Serving quality, expensive foods will raise the perceived value of the home.