Once you have completed the preliminary tasks – assessing resources, pre-qualifying for a loan, defining needs and wants – you can begin the search for a new home.

STRATEGY #1: Adjust your search to the price range, environment and needs previously established – don’t look at houses with two bedrooms if you need at least three.

STRATEGY #2: Shop when others aren’t. Across the country, April and May show the most demand for houses. Sellers may not feel pressured to make a deal because there are so many home shoppers. The best times to look are during late summer and from Thanksgiving through the winter. Learn the local pattern before beginning your search.

STRATEGY #3: Ask friends, family and neighbors who live around your ideal neighborhoods if a house will be coming on the market soon.

STRATEGY #4: Scout neighborhoods and write down addresses of houses you like. Find out their names and phone numbers by looking at public land records, call and ask if they are contemplating putting their house on the market.

STRATEGY #5: Always bring a notepad and tape measure to gather information about the house. Find out square footage of the lot and house, room sizes, number of baths and bedrooms, property taxes, average monthly utility bills and the ages of the appliances and mechanical systems. You might want to jot the floor plans down so you can envision the house later.

STRATEGY #6: Get as much information as you can about the sellers. Ask them why they are selling, how long have they have lived there, are they scheduled to settle on a new house, etc. Finding out all you can strengthens negotiating power, should you decide to make an offer.

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