Realtors are an essential part of buying and selling homes in Midland, TX. The right professional will take the hassle out of the process of finding the right home, securing the right price and conducting all necessary legal processes. With this in mind, we’ll be looking today at five ways to find the best realtor.

Tip #1. Be Cautious About Search Engine Results

Most people begin their search on an internet search engine. We would encourage you to question whether this is a good idea. Realtors may have paid to have their website search-engine optimized (SEO) meaning that it ranks highly on the first results page. You may have heard that Microsoft is running something akin to a ‘Pepsi-Challenge’ with its search engine ‘Bing’ going head to head with Google. It insists than real people find Bing search results more useful than those of Google. This suggests that perhaps the top ranking web pages are simply run by people who know how to get them to rank high.

Tip #2. Read Real Reviews From Real Customers

Every realtor website you visit will try to dazzle you with claims of how amazing they are. They all have glowing written testimonials from satisfied customers, great ratings and some even have video reviews. The problem for the homebuyer is separating the wheat from the chaff. One of the best ways to do this is to find real reviews from people who have actually used the realtor’s services. Sites such as ‘Angie’s List’ are an invaluable way to get information as people can only rate and review service companies (such as realtors) if they sign up and verify that they are truly independent.

Tip #3. Always Do Due Diligence

There is of course always the possibility that firms will try to abuse these review sites however strict the verification process is. They may offer discounts for glowing reviews, for example. Even if you find a realtor who comes highly recommended from a trusted online source, make sure to check their credentials. Realtors in Midland, TX may belong to a professional association such as the Permian Basin Board of Realtors. You must double-check and verify that the realtor you find has the credentials that they say they do.

Tip #4. Choose The Right Type Of Real Estate Agent For Your Needs And Budget

When choosing a realtor, don’t be confused with the terminology being used. For example, a buyer’s agent is called the ‘selling agent’ in the closing documents, even though he or she represents the buyer. You may choose to hire either a buyer’s agent, a dual agent, a real estate agent (working for a franchise or firm) or an independent agent. You should understand the key differences between these types of brokers. For example, an independent agent or broker will not push you into any particular home, area or financial institution while agents working for a firm will be contractually obliged to work with firms that their company has relationships with.

Tip #5. Consider Using One Agent For Two Transactions

Once you have gone to the trouble of scouring the web for the best agent, it’s a great idea to keep them and get them to help you sell your existing home while buying the next one. By building a professional working relationship with a realtor in Midland, TX, you may avoid timing issues, especially regarding closing dates or periods with overlapping mortgages. If this sounds good, make sure you find a realtor who specializes in both buying and selling.