January 2019

How Do I Relocate To Midland Texas To Work For The Oil Companies?

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With the local supply of labor virtually exhausted, energy companies are willing to pay Permian workers very well. This is no exaggeration. The Midland Chamber of Commerce estimates that at any given time, the industry [...]

What Does A Good Seller’s Agent Do?

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The Underwood Group prides itself on doing right by every customer we serve. When in the role of the seller's agent, we will dutifully perform many services, because they are important. We will sit down [...]

Permian Basin Area Expected To Generate 1/3 Of The Entire U.S. Oil Production

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Not even the drop in oil prices has stopped the enthusiasm in the Permian Basin. The economy is still booming. The Permian Basin's output will continue to expand. Cost-reducing advances in technology means that over [...]

December 2018

Midland Police Department Warns Of Warrant Scam

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The Midland Police Department warned Midland residents about a warrant scam going on throughout the city right now. They say that people have been getting phone calls saying that there is an outstanding warrant out [...]

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