June 2019

Cement Fiber Beadboard Is The Perfect Solution For Porch Ceilings In Midland

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Midland can get warm and the humidity can fluctuate. Vinyl beadboard might be perfect for consistently dry, temperate regions, but there is a multitude of places where fiber cement beadboard is the single best option [...]

Is Bamboo Really A Green Building Material?

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Bamboo is considered a green building material, but some environmentalists have questioned how green it really is. It seems to fit the definition of a sustainable material. It doesn't even require re-planting. Once matured enough [...]

Items That Homeowners Should Never Keep In Their Garages

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Some items should never be kept in a garage. Do you know which items you should never store in your garage? Firewood Firewood should never be stored in your garage. It might seem like a [...]

Thinking Of Selling? The Market Needs More Starter Homes!

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Millennials are now the largest group of homebuyers and around 45 million Americans are going to reach the average first-time home buyer age within the next ten years. This is over 3.1 million more home [...]

May 2019

Local Roofers See Massive Increase In Business From Last Month’s Hail Storm

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Last month's hail storm caused hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, according to a Reporter-Telegram article, and local roofers have been absolutely overwhelmed with work. Raintree Roofing told the paper that they normally complete [...]

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