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1110, 2018

Literary Death Match At The Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center

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The Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center presents "Literary Death Match" tomorrow at 7pm! This witty, ridiculous performance couples the types of literary and performance perks of Def Poetry Jam and [...]

1010, 2018

Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center: The Chinese Warrior of Peking

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The Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center presents the Chinese Warrior of Peking tonight. This high-intensity martial arts and acrobatics performance is brought to us by the Columbia Artists Management and the Ministry [...]

910, 2018

Average Commute In Midland, Texas

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There are many reasons to live in Midland. One of them is the daily commute. The typical American commute averages 26 minutes from home to work. This commute has been [...]

710, 2018

Rent In Midland Rising – Buy Now

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Rent is rising in Midland, and probably won't level off soon. See, Midland's economy is responding to the stable trading range in energy prices. Occupancy and rent in the multifamily [...]

2109, 2018

Check Homeowners Insurance If Showing Your Home

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One simple phone call to your homeowners insurance company can save you from a rare (but potential) disaster. Sometimes people don't get enough insurance to cover an accidental slip and [...]

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