If you know anything about selling homes, you likely know that a kitchen can often make or break a sale. It is a very important room for many people purchasing a home. That’s why it’s so important to get it right. So, here we’re going to offer you 4 kitchen features that buyers love. Add any of these popular kitchen amenities and you’ll be selling your home in no time!

1. A Center Island

Long gone are the times of breakfast bars and peninsula counters. All the rage now are islands in the center of the kitchen. While bigger is better here, make sure not to crowd the rest of the area when adding one. Also, studies show buyers don’t like cooking ranges on islands but sinks were just fine.

2. A Double Oven

While every home now comes standard with an oven, you don’t see double ovens very often and buyers love them. It’s not even just for cooking enthusiasts either. Any person who has ever hosted a dinner or a family get-together can attest to the convenience of a double oven. Plus, most buyers seem to agree that it looks better overall.

3. Granite Countertops

Most buyers will expect to see granite countertops in almost all higher quality homes. In fact, adding this feature alone can increase the perceived value of the home, which can keep you closer to your asking price. Granite counters can range in price and it’s important to note that you don’t need to buy the most expensive types. Any good quality granite will work just fine. If you’re unable to afford granite, you can look into other options such as quartz. When going this route, we suggest you pick a pattern that closely resembles the look of granite.

4. Stay with Natural, White, and Grey Tones

Buyers these days are into things that look natural and appear to be recycled in some way. Many say it adds charm to the house. So, there’s no need to go big and flashy. In fact, studies have shown modern buyers prefer white, grey, and light wood tones by up to 42 percent. Many sellers believe that kitchens with white or grey cabinets sell better over louder or brighter colors.

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