Lantern Fest


This weekend my sister and I decided it was high time for a quick road trip out of Midland!  She told me about the Lantern Fest just outside of Austin Texas. We bought tickets and a couple extra lanterns and off we went.  That is one thing I love about living in West Texas is that we are just a short road trip away from all sorts of fun things.  We spent a few hours in Austin, grabbed lunch in Barton Springs and headed out to Paige, TX. Once we got there, we picked up our lanterns and the best things was that with each ticket you got a S’Mores kit!  There were tons of fire pits and tiki torches placed around the Lantern Fest.  Also there was a great stage where they had live music and booths with all sorts of goodies that made the event that much better! 

Once we got the green light from the fire marshal we all started lighting our lanterns.  What a sight!  It looked like something out of the movies!  A fairy tale!  The people that were around us were all so nice, it was a great atmosphere!  Very family friendly, and a peaceful night!  I am so glad we made it!brook-underwood-lantern-event2There will be an event in Lubbock with a different company in February, so if you are interested check out – https://www.thelightsfest.com/event/lubbock/

There is also going to be one with the same company in Dallas in mid-November as well as one in South Padre in Early December – http://www.thelanternfest.com/locations/

I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a great night under Texas stars!  

-Brooke Underwood, Real estate agent at Midland 1st Choice, The Underwood Group